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HVAC, Plumbing, Water Heater, and Generator Services in Lynnfield, MA

We don’t want the task of finding the right HVAC services to ever feel like a chore. If it becomes this way for you, then you should turn to the Cooling Unlimited, Inc. team. We do it all. This means everything from HVAC, plumbing, water heater, and generators services. Our team offers heating repair, AC repair, air purifiers, and drain cleaning. Your home services are important and we’re here to provide you with the work you need. Quality service for your Lynnfield, MA area home matters. You want comfort and longevity, and we specialize in this.

Contact our professionals in Lynnfield, MA for all your home’s services.

Air Conditioning

Don’t wait until spring or summer arrives to realize the importance of your home AC services. If you want proper air conditioning services, then we’re here to help. We perform all the services you’re looking for. This includes ductless air conditioning services, heat pumps, high velocity air conditioning systems, hydronic systems, zone control systems, and thermostats. We care about your home air conditioning services. We want to help you get the cooling service that will keep your home comfortable.


Are you wondering how to warm up your home efficiently? Our team members can help. We’re the resident experts in Lynnfield, MA. We have the experience needed for working in homes just like yours. If you want quality heating work then we’re here to provide it. We work on boilers, ductless heating systems, furnaces, heat pumps, hybrid heating systems, hydronic systems, radiant heating systems, and zone control systems. We’re prepared to care for your heater. Rely on us for maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement services.


Does your home’s furnace have the care it needs? If the answer is an outright no or an unsure yes, then you should talk to our team. Furnaces are some of the most common heating systems in the area. This is because furnaces are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. Although they’re great systems, you need a professional’s care to make sure that it continues to be a great system for you. We’re prepared to get you the high-quality heating work that you’re looking for.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you want high-quality indoor air quality services? Your indoor air quality work is important for your home. If you want a great air filter, air purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier, or duct services then it’s important to get the service you want from our professionals. Our duct services are comprehensive as well. We perform the right duct insulation, duct sealing, and duct testing services. If you need a little guidance when it comes to picking out what system is right for you, then we’re there for that as well.


Finding the right plumber shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re struggling with finding the right plumbing services, we want you to contact our team. We make things as easy as possible. Having the right plumber is important. It’s the difference between having quality service that lasts long into the future versus having a plumber "fix" a problem now only to have it pop up shortly after.

Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

Are you satisfied with your home’s bathroom and kitchen plumbing services? Your bathroom and kitchen plumbing needs to be as simple, affordable, and effective as possible. We make sure that this is a reality for you. You can contact us when you’re in a bind and expect us to get you out of it with ease. We specialize in faucet, showerhead, toilet, and garbage disposal services. You can contact us for just about anything you need.

Water Heaters

You need a great water heater for your home. You really can’t cut corners when it comes to this. Your water heater accounts for nearly 17% of your home’s overall energy usage. When you add all of this up, your water heater works harder than most of the other appliances in your home combined. We know that the needs of a water heater vary from home to home. If you want a quality water heater then we’re going to help you find it.


We suggest that you get a generator for your Lynnfield, MA home. Generators are what’s going to keep your home comfortable and habitable even in the face of disaster. Let’s say there’s a blackout that persists on for a while-you can count on your generator to keep your home at a constant. Finding the right generator is about understanding the needs of your home. If you want a quality generator, then we’re the professionals who can provide this for you.