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Garbage Disposal Services in Boston, MA

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. - Garbage Disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal for which you’ve struggled to get the help you need, or are you interested in using a garbage disposal in your household? Let the plumbing experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. help. Garbage disposals have powerful motors and intricate components, making them quite formidable components to handle. Additionally, they need to be correctly connected to your kitchen drain and your home’s electrical system. In short, installing, repair, replacing, or maintaining your garbage disposal isn’t a good DIY kind of job.

We carry a wide range of plumbing products from a number of top-name manufacturers, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that any garbage disposal we install or replace will be of the highest quality. Our experts know, understand, and comply with all local, state, and federal codes, so there won’t be any issues with poor service. Reducing food waste in an economical and environmentally friendly way is a top priority for a lot of homeowners in Boston, and the plumbing pros at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. are here to help ensure that’s exactly what you get with our expert garbage disposal services.

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. can install, repair, replace, or maintain your home’s garbage disposal in Boston, MA. Just give us a call!

Why FOG Is So Bad for Your Garbage Disposal

You probably heard multiple times throughout your life how bad it is to pour grease down your kitchen drain. It’s even worse for your garbage disposal. Garbage disposal have many layers to them to both protect the device and you, and allow the device to work as needed. Fats, oil, and grease are clingers when they are hot; when they cool, they congeal and become thick, greasy layers that often contain small food particles. Pouring FOG down your drain and directly into your garbage disposal provides ample opportunity for the FOG to coat and cling to a lot of your garbage disposal. Left to build over time, this layer can become very smelly and inhibit the operation of your garbage disposal, requiring expert repair and cleaning.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Good Working Order

Any actual handling of your garbage disposal should always be left in the hands of a trained expert, but there are some basic maintenance steps you can take to help reduce the level of wear and tear on your home’s garbage disposal:

  • Dispose of food only – The term "garbage disposal" can be a bit misleading because your disposal isn’t meant for garbage, it’s meant for food. As such, only food should go down your disposal.
  • Dispose of the right foods – Expanding on the above–listed tip, you also need to be vigilant of disposing of the right kinds of food via your garbage disposal. Food items that can obstruct and break your disposal are fibrous foods (like celery), fruit pits, "expandable" foods like rice and pasta, and potato peels, which can create a thick paste inside your disposal.
  • Use only cool water to wash foods into your disposal – Hot water can melt certain foods and make them harder to grind. Stick with cool water.

For all your other garbage disposal needs, including repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance, call the pros at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.!