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High Velocity Air Conditioning in Boston, MA

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. - High Velocity Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is a standard feature of most new homes built in our country. It allows you to cool the entire home with one central unit, and control the temperature throughout the house from a single thermostat. But if you have an older home, you may not have had any air ducts built in that allow you to take advantage of this modern technology. And if you look into adding ducts into the home, you may find that the space between the walls is too small for the average air ducts.

That’s where a high velocity air conditioning system is a good choice. High velocity air conditioners utilize small, flexible ducts. This style of ductwork is small in diameter, and you cannot use just any air conditioner to deliver the right amount of air. High-velocity systems provide for the right amount of circulation that effectively cools in this particular situation. If you think your home may benefit from a high velocity AC system, call Cooling Unlimited, Inc. to learn more or schedule services with our team in Boston, MA.

We provide high velocity air conditioning services in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas!

Why Choose a High Velocity Air Conditioning System?

High velocity air conditioning systems are often used in large multi–story older homes. This is because these are often built without any way to connect a set of conventional air ducts, but homeowners still need some way to efficiently cool the entire home (and individual window units cost quite a bit of money to operate). There are other options for homes without any ducts in place, so contact your local technician to learn more. Our technicians will take the time to go over each one of your options and assess your energy and performance needs.

Components of a High Velocity System

Curious about the inner workings of a high–velocity air conditioning system? Here are the main components that make it run. As it turns out, these components are very similar to a standard AC.

  • Outdoor condenser unit: This is the outdoor portion of the system, responsible for releasing heat into the air around it so that the home can cool down.
  • High–velocity indoor air handler: This is designed to work with the outdoor unit and the small ductwork to blow air throughout the home.
  • Small diameter ductwork: This ductwork is smaller in size than conventional ducts, but the design of the high–velocity system still provides for high–performance cooling.
  • Return and supply plenums: Your technician will have to cut a space in the home to install the supply and return vents that take air into the system and release conditioned air.
  • Thermostat: A standard thermostat lets you control the temperature.

Call Us for Air Conditioning Installation and Service

If a high–velocity air conditioning system is the home comfort solution you’ve been waiting for, call our skilled contractors today. We can install a new air conditioner for your home, replace a broken high–velocity unit, repair your unit or your ducts, and we offer excellent maintenance plans to help protect the life of your system.

Call Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today for more about our high–velocity systems in Boston, MA.