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Heat Pump Water Heaters in Boston, MA

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. - Heat Pump Water Heater

The technology of water heaters has never stood still. Advances over the decades have made even the standard storage tank water heater much more energy efficient and effective than ever. These technological leaps have also created different water heater models that make tremendous improvements that benefit homeowners and everyone in their households. One of these modern developments is the heat pump water heater.

If you’re currently in the market to have a new water heater for your home, then a heat pump model is one to give serious consideration. Cooling Unlimited, Inc. has the experienced team to help you make the choice and then put the system in place. You can also trust us with the care of your water heater whenever it needs repairs or routine maintenance. Call us today in Boston, MA to have all your questions about water heaters answered.

Are you interested in a heat pump water heater or want to schedule service for one? Call the experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc..

What Is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

If you know what a heat pump is, you’re already most of the way toward understanding what a heat pump water heater is. Instead of using natural gas to apply heat to water in a tank, or electrical heating elements inside the tank to warm up the water, a heat pump water heater uses electrical power to absorb thermal energy from the air outside the water heater and then use that energy to raise the temperature of the water. So instead of burning a fuel source to create the heat for the water, the heat pump moves heat from one place and uses it to heat the water.

The Advantage of a Heat Pump Water Heater

After reading the above paragraph, you might wonder, "So why is that an advantage?" The answer is that using electrical power to move heat consumes less energy than using either electricity or natural gas power to create heat directly. It generally takes less work to move something than to create something, after all. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an ENERGY STAR–certified heat pump water heater can save a family of four over $3,500 in electrical costs over its service life.

We Also Install and Service Hybrid Water Heaters

This is another option to think about when it comes to energy–efficient water heaters: the hybrid water heater. These are systems that combine the workings of a tankless and storage tank water heater for a best–of–both–worlds scenario. The water heater operates similar to a tankless water heater most of the time, heating water as it is called for, but it also has a smaller standby water tank in case the system risks turning inefficient. In addition to installing hybrids, we also offer all the other services for them that we do for other water heaters.

Let Us Take Care of Your Water Heater Needs

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. is the place to call when you need quality water heater services. Along with heat pump water heaters, we offer installation and service for many other systems, including hybrid water heaters. Make us you one–stop contractor for your hot water needs.