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Piping in Boston, MA

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When you come down to it, pipes are probably the most essential component in any plumbing system. Without pipes, none of the freshwater or wastewater would go anywhere. The pipes that form the veins and arteries of your home’s plumbing require special care to see that they continue performing their vital function with issues such as leaks, corrosion and build-up. This usually requires the work of professional plumbers to handle jobs such as replacing old pipes, installing new pipes to extend a plumbing system, or seeing to the complete repiping for the house.

Any piping service that you may need in Boston, MA is available at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.. We provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever you have emergency plumbing repairs. Our plumbers are superbly trained, and with our almost 30 years of history as a family-owned and operated company, you can trust us to deliver quality on every single job.

For piping services in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas, rely on the team at Cooling Unlimited, Inc..

What Do You Need for the Best Plumbing Pipes in Your Home?

The pipes in a house are made from durable material designed to last for many decades. However, that doesn’t mean they are invincible, especially if a shoddy job was done when they were first installed. It’s possible for the pipes to start leaking at connection points, or to become seriously clogged due to build–up from hard water. Even copper pipes can suffer from a specific type of corrosion leading to pinhole leaks. No matter the problem affecting your home’s pipes, our plumbers can take care of the repairs and replacements needed to fix it.

You might also need new pipe installation for a project such as a remodel, adding on a new bathroom, or expanded your current fixtures and appliances. Never undertake putting in the necessary piping yourself! Make sure you hire licensed plumbers to see that the work gets done correctly.

You May Need Repiping Services

Repiping is sometimes necessary for older homes. Residences built before 1970, and especially before World War II (which are still very common in this area), usually have pipes made from galvanized steel or even cast iron. These materials are tough—but they will also eventually give in to corrosion.

If you have these older piping materials, we strongly urge you to schedule repiping to put in copper or PEX/CPVC pipes. These pipes will give you few problems in the future, since they are corrosion–resistant, lightweight, less prone to damage and handle temperature changes. Our repiping experts will see that the work gets done fast and with as little interruption to your life as possible.

We Offer Comprehensive Piping Services in Boston, MA

Taking care of the pipes for a plumbing system is one of the basic jobs that trained plumbers handle—and which amateurs should never handle. Even the job of selecting the right type of pipe material to use for a replacement or new installation is something only a professional should do.

Thankfully, you have an excellent professional plumbing resource easily available to you: Cooling Unlimited, Inc.. Make us the first plumbing company you call for piping services in the Boston area.