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Gas Lines Services in Boston, MA

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Natural gas is so widely used that it seems like it should be a pretty easy process connecting your home to the natural gas line on your street. However, adding natural gas to your home isn’t like adding some extra plumbing piping; it’s a serious undertaking that has to be managed and completed by licensed plumbers. The plumbing experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. have years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing gas lines. We know the process, can get the permits, and will work with your local inspectors to ensure that all the work done meets the specific requirements.

And make no mistake, installing a gas line from the street to your home is an extensive process, and it takes time. With such a flammable fuel, it is important that any work on your gas line, particularly installation, is handled in the proper way. Our pros have been helping homeowners add natural gas to their homes in and around Boston, MA for years, and we are here to help you, too.

If your require gas line services in Boston, MA or the surroundings areas, call Cooling Unlimited, Inc..

Why Choose Natural Gas?

You may be wondering if the process of adding natural gas to your home is worthwhile. Here are some reasons why adding natural gas to your home can indeed be very worthwhile:

  • No more managing fuel deliveries – With natural gas piped into your home, you won’t ever have to manage the delivery of fuels like heating oil or propane again.
  • Can be used for multiple appliances – Not only can natural gas be used to heat your home, you can also use it for your stove, hot water heater, and clothes dryer. Once the gas is there, it can be used for a variety of things.
  • Heats very quickly – Natural gas is very hot—about 130°F—and it heats very quickly. As such, you won’t have to wait long for your home to be toasty and warm.
  • Cleanest burning fossil fuel – If you have concerns about the environment, natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel available.

Does My Gas Line Need Repair?

Like your water and sewer line, your gas line is buried in your yard. Because the pipe is buried, and because natural gas is colorless, you won’t be to visibly see a problem. For this reason, an unpleasant scent, similar to a rotten egg smell, is added to natural gas for detection purposes. If you smell this odor strongly in your yard or around your property, you need to call us for assistance. A second common sign that your gas line is likely in need of repair is dying vegetation around the area where the line is buried. Leaking gas will kill the vegetation on the surface, including grass. Lastly, the connections to your gas–based appliances will likely become faulty or even damaged because they won’t be receiving the gas they need to operate the appliance.

The bottom line is that if you suspect you have any kind of issue with your gas line in Boston, stop using all of your gas–based appliances and systems immediately and call the experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. for help.