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Backflow Prevention Services in Boston, MA

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. - Backflow Prevention

The word itself gives homeowners a visceral reaction: “backflow.” And when this word is used in relation to your plumbing system, it means a serious problem has developed. Today’s plumbing systems are equipped with backflow prevention components; in fact, these components are required. However, these components can malfunction, breakdown, or be overwhelmed. When that happens, your home’s potable water can mix with its wastewater. Clearly, this is not a situation anyone wants.

The good news is that the expert plumbers at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. can help you with any issue you may have with backflow problem. Did you discover your backflow problem at 11 o’clock at night? Not to worry. Just give our emergency line a call and we’ll dispatch someone right away.

When you have backflow issues, call the people you can count on in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas: Cooling Unlimited, Inc..

What Is Backflow?

Technically, backflow is water that isn’t moving in the right direction, i.e., the water is moving backward in your plumbing system. Plumbing systems rely heavily on gravity to move water, particularly wastewater, in the right direction. If something prevents your wastewater from flowing toward your sewer or septic line, the water backs up and can move backwards toward your home rather than away from it. Backflow preventers are installed to stop this from occurring, because if it does happen, the backward flowing wastewater can mix with your potable water, making it unsafe to use or drink.

How Does a Backflow Preventer Work?

A backflow preventer is a component added to your plumbing system that stops backflow water from backing up into your plumbing system. There are five types of backflow preventers that can be used in your home’s plumbing system: the reduced pressure assembly (RP), the pressure vacuum breaker assembly (PVB), the double–check valve assembly (DC), the residual dual check valve assembly (RDC), and the air gap process. Your Cooling Unlimited, Inc. plumbing expert will know exactly which backflow preventer(s) to use with your plumbing system, and you can rest assured that the preventers will be installed correctly for the safekeeping of your plumbing system.

What Causes Backflow?

There are two main causes of backflow. The first is backpressure and the second is backsiphonage. Backpressure refers to the situation when the pressure of the water heading downstream in your plumbing system is stronger than the supply side. Correct balance of pressure inside your plumbing pipes is critical to proper operation and flow. When the downstream pressure becomes stronger than the supply side, this can create backflow.

Backsiphonage occurs when a vacuum–like pressure develops on the supply side (potable water side) of your plumbing system. This results in wastewater being sucked the wrong way—backward—in your plumbing system.

Call Us for Backflow Problems and Prevention

No matter the cause of your backflow issues, the trained and licensed plumbing experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. will determine the cause and repair the issue so that your plumbing system is safe for you and your family. Rely on us for your plumbing concerns in Boston, MA.