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Sump Pumps in Boston, MA

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Harsh weather is sometimes a problem in Boston, MA, and these weather conditions often lead to water flooding basements, crawlspaces or other lower areas of homes. Excess water in these places isn’t only the fault of extreme weather, however. It can happen because of a burst pipe or other plumbing accident, or a high water table in ground.

Whatever the cause of water in basements and crawlspaces, the issue must be dealt with promptly. The best solution is the installation of a sump pump to remove automatically the water from the area and into the wastewater system. Cooling Unlimited, Inc. offers installation of sumps pumps that will protect your home and possessions from water damage. We also provide repair and maintenance services for sump pumps. Call us today.

The professional plumbers at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. offer service for sump pumps in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

Why You May Need Sump Pump Installation

Flooding is obviously a serious problem, and you want that water pooling in your basement removed as soon as possible. A sump pump automates the process, taking away most of your worries and seeing that the water ends up in the right place.

Another reason to have a sump pump installed to guard your home from problems that can develop due to high moisture. This is a more insidious issue, when the basement or crawlspace suffers from a slow build–up of water due to leaking or a high water table. An increase in moisture can result in situations such as wood rot, warping of valuable items, the development of destructive mildew, and molds that can create unhealthy spores. A sump pump will keep your basement free from excess water.

Types of Sump Pumps for Basement Waterproofing

There are many models of sump pumps available today, but most fall into one of two different types:

  • Pedestal – A pedestal sump pump is designed to sit above the water collection pit (the actual sump part of the name sump pump). A pipe runs down into the sump, and the pump’s motors draw the water from it up into the pump, and then out into the wastewater system. These pumps are easy to access and repair and can have lengthy lifespans, but they aren’t as energy efficient as the other pump type.
  • Submersible – A submersible sump pump, as its name indicates, sits down within the sump itself. It pulls water directly inside through intake valves, then pushes it up from the sump through a pipe. Although more likely to require repairs, submersible pumps are more energy efficient than pedestal pumps.

Let your professional installer assist you with picking the right type of pump to meet your specific needs.

We Also Offer Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance

A sump pump will undergo wear and tear over time, especially if called on to handle the removal of water on a regular basis. If your sump pump stops working because of a malfunction, call us to arrange for the repair work that will get it started again. (If the pump is too aged to keep working, we will take care of the replacement.) Regular maintenance for the pump is a wise idea to see that it works with as few unpleasant surprise problems as possible in the future.

Whatever you require when it comes to sump pumps for your home in Boston, MA, call on Cooling Unlimited, Inc..