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Water Leak Detection in Boston, MA

Cooling Unlimited, Inc. - Water Leak Detection

In the universe of plumbing troubles that might occur in your home, the hidden leak is one of the more common and frustrating. Since most of the plumbing in your house is disguised behind building material, the leaks that can start in pipes will usually not be easily visible. You must rely on other clues to know it’s time to call for plumbers. The plumbers will use special equipment and their extensive training to zero in on the leak location so they can fix it quickly and accurately, causing the least amount of damage as possible in the process.

If you believe a hidden leak is afflicting your home in Boston, MA, call on Cooling Unlimited, Inc. right away. We offer professional leak detection service and will see that the damage to your home, plumbing, and water bills is stopped. You can count on our almost 30 years of experience, plus we offer 24 hour emergency plumbing services.

The licensed plumbers at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. offer water leak detection services in Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.

How Can I Tell I Need to Fix a Leak When It’s Hidden?

A very good question. It requires some detective work on your part—not necessarily at Agatha Christie levels, but you’ll still need to take a close look at any odd behavior from your plumbing. Below are some of the best clues to watch for:

  • High water bills: You probably have a good idea of what you pay per month on average for water use. When those costs starts to rise and you can’t account for it with increased water usage, you may have a leak somewhere.
  • Warped flooring/discolored spots on walls: As water starts to collect behind walls and under floors from a leak, it will create slow damage. You might note this as bumps in the flooring or beneath the carpet, or as discolored spots appearing on the walls.
  • Humidity rise: If the humidity in your home starts to go up for no particular reason (i.e. there’s no connection the weather) it may warn of a leak. Also start looking for the development of mold or mildew in strange places.

How Plumbers Find Hidden Water Leaks

Professional plumbers handle the job of detecting water leaks with a combination of their training and the use of special devices. Plumbers can usually narrow down a leak location to a specific area based on the knowledge of plumbing systems and the outward signs of leaking without advanced equipment. However, these tools more than earn their keep when it’s time to pinpoint the exact spot of a leaking pipe.

Among the leak detection tools that plumbers regularly use are video pipe inspection equipment, which sends a camera into the pipe to inspect it from within; listening devices like sound discs; and pressure sensors. You can count on our plumbers to put all their skill and equipment to use repairing leaks in your home.

We Are Available for Your Water Leak Repair Needs

You should never allow signs of hidden leaks to go without professional repairs. The damage your home might suffer could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention costs in water waste. When you think you have hidden leaks, call on Cooling Unlimited, Inc. in Boston, MA and trust to our leak detection services.