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Humidifier Services in Boston, MA

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When most people talk about humidity in Boston, it’s usually in regard to there being too much of it during the summer. While this can be true, we forget that we actually need humidity during our cold, dry winters to help stay warm and feel more energy efficient with our heating.

If you have encountered problems with low humidity in your home, it may be time to consider calling the experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. and seeing what a whole home humidifier can do for you. Excessively dry air brings a number of problems to the fore for you, your HVAC system, and your home. But when our trained indoor air quality experts help you with a whole-home humidifier, whether it is for installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement, you can count on making any issue from low humidity a thing of the past.

When you need expert humidifier services in Boston, MA or the surrounding areas, call the company you can count on: Cooling Unlimited, Inc..

What Kinds of Problems Are Caused by Low Humidity?

We all know how uncomfortable excess humidity can be, but the signs of low humidity are less overt. One common one is feeling cold when your thermostat is set to the temperature you want. This happens because humidity holds heat; if there isn’t enough moisture in your home during the winter, the heat won’t hold in the air, making it feel chilly and possibly forcing you to turn your thermostat higher.

You may also notice that your skin, hair and throat is very dry, and you may even experience nosebleeds as your eyes nose and throat dry out. Wood products need moisture to stay intact; wood that dries out because of low humidity in the air will splinter and crack, and this can include furniture and flooring. However, the indoor air quality experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. can help you with all of this with a whole–house humidifier.

How Does a Whole Home Humidifier Work?

The reason a whole home humidifier is far more effective than a single room humidifier is that it becomes a part of your HVAC system. This allows the humidifier to add moisture to all of your air, not just some of it. The actual moisturizing will happen in one of two ways, either via steam added to the air or a light mist. The key is adding moisture to the air just as it leaves your HVAC system to head into your home’s living spaces. You set the level of humidity you want right on your thermostat, which will have a humidistat feature. Then your humidifier does the rest! Let us help you properly humidify your home with our comprehensive whole–house humidifier services.

Call Us for Installation and Service

Gaining the benefits a humidifier can offer your home is depends heavily on proper installation and service, and that’s where our experts come in. We offer only the highest level of products, and our NATE–certified pros will make sure all work is done to your complete satisfaction.