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Dehumidifier Services in Boston, MA

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Summers in Boston, MA are as hot as they come: a heat that goes back to the colonial days and will continue long after all of us are gone. But just as bad as the heat is the unbelievably humidity: that omnipresent wall of moist air that covers everything in a blanket of clamminess. Believe it or not, humidity can be just as much of a detriment to your household comfort levels as heat, and while air conditioners can mitigate the problem somewhat, they’re not really equipped to handle it on the level we get here in Beantown.

The solution is a whole-house dehumidifier, installed and serviced by the professionals at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.. It can remove the excess moisture from the air in your home, cutting down on the clamminess and helping your family members breathe easier. It also stops the spread of mold and bacteria in your household, keeping you and your family members healthy, and helping your air conditioner do its job with less strain. Give our friendly staff a call today and let us show you what a difference this kind of product can make!

Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. to install, maintain and repair dehumidifiers in Boston, MA.

The Effects of High Humidity

You’ve doubtless felt the effects of high humidity in your Boston, MA home before, but science makes it clear what exactly is going on. Whenever relative humidity levels creep above 50%, there’s too much moisture in the air to let your sweat evaporate (which is our body’s natural way of keeping cool). As a result, the sweat stays on your skin, feeling clammy and gross, and your internal temperature stays high, making it feel hotter than it really is. High humidity also fosters the growth of mold and bacteria in your home, and at higher levels can even damage the furnishings in your home.

Dehumidifiers to the Rescue

Dehumidifiers essentially work in a manner similar to an air conditioner. When you lower the temperature of the air, the moisture in it shifts from gaseous to liquid form: coalescing into little droplets. This effect is similar to the formation of dew in the early morning (which, after all, is the coolest part of the day). The droplets are collected in a storage chamber and removed from the system via a drainage line.

Air conditioners perform a similar function by default, since lowering the temperature of the air removes the humidity by default. But the extra strain of the effort translates to higher monthly cooling bills as well as elevating the risk of a breakdown. Dehumidifiers installed by Cooling Unlimited, Inc. can solve all of that, lowering your bills and extending the life of your air conditioner in the process.

Call Us for Dehumidifier Installation, Repair, and Replacement

In order to best take advantage of those benefits, call upon the experts at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.. We serve homes throughout the Boston, MA area, and our trained staff knows how to perform the operation right. And we’ll be around to service and repair your dehumidifier when you have need of it, as well as replacing an older unit whose time has come with a newer and more up–to–date one. Don’t let Boston’s high humidity levels ruin your indoor air quality. Contact our trained team today and let us tame that mugginess for good!