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7 Furnace Problems

It’s winter and it’s cold. Plain and simple. We know that you’re rushing to get home, turn on your heater, and get cozy here in Boston. Your heater becomes the focal point of your home during this time of year. If you’re already struggling with your home’s furnace, then it’s time for you to call us for furnace repair in Boston, MA.

We’re here to help you out. Your furnace needs to be able to heat up your home quickly and with ease. You can do so with the aid of our heating professionals. If you’re unsure if you need help with your furnace, then keep reading below to see all the signs of furnace trouble.

Troubling Furnace Signs

Here are some signs that your furnace is going to need help this winter:

1.      Odd Furnace Sounds

Have you heard your furnace struggling so far this winter? You might notice banging, scraping, rattling, etc. All these sounds are a problem. Don’t just think that your furnace is making some weird sounds that will go away. They’re going to get worse and lead to a breakdown if you don’t address these problems soon.

2.      Short Cycling

If your furnace is starting, stopping, and then starting up right afterward, then it’s a major problem. You’re having efficiency issues. This is going to result in high bills and poor performance throughout the rest of the winter season. Address it sooner than later so you can avoid substantial heating issues.

3.      High Operational Costs

Do you notice that running your heater costs way more than it used to? This is an issue. High energy bills are a sign that your heater is suffering. We can get to the bottom of your heating issue. We’re here to help you through everything you need.

4.      Poor Performance

Does your heater leave a lot to be desired? Poor performance speaks for itself. Make sure that you’re calling up one of our professionals to handle poor heating system output.

5.      Inaccurate Thermostat

Your thermostat is never accurate. It’s always off by a substantial amount and you have to work around these problems to get your system to turn on and off. An inaccurate thermostat is a heating issue. You need to come to us to fix this.

6.      Hot and Cold Spots

Your bedroom is freezing but your living room is on fire. It’s odd because your heater used to heat your home evenly and now it’s an issue. This is a problem. If your home has hot and cold spots throughout it, then it means that you need to schedule an appointment with us. Your home is heating evenly, and this is a problem that reflects a greater heating issue.

7.      Foul Odors

Does your furnace make your home stink? This is a problem. Your furnace shouldn’t ever give off foul odors. This means that you’re going to put your home in the face of danger. Foul odors are a problem, and they need to be addressed sooner than later to keep you warm and safe.

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