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2 Ways to Lower Your Summer AC Bills

Summer will be here before you know it, and with it comes high heat and higher humidity levels. A reliable air conditioner is vital to surviving the summer months intact, and most of us are accustomed to paying higher monthly energy bills during the summer since our AC systems will be running on a daily basis. But the necessity of that equation often means that we end up paying more than we should almost by default. By improving efficiency in your system, you can help lower those summer AC bills without skimping on performance and the needs of a cool household. Here are two ways for you to do that.

1.    Dehumidifiers

High humidity takes a surprising toll on your air conditioner. When relative humidity levels rise above 50%, your body can’t cool off, since the sweat won’t evaporate off of your skin. That forces the air conditioner to work harder to make up the difference, and while it can lower the humidity levels by default, the effort puts a lot of unnecessary strain system. A whole-house dehumidifier can take care of high humidity the proper way, while easing the extra strain on your air conditioning system in the process.

2.    Zone Control System

Zone control systems divide your home into sections, each of which can have the temperature adjusted independently of the rest of the home. It gives you the luxury of letting individual family members set the temperature they prefer without affecting any others. By extending that concept, you can turn the air conditioner off in parts of the home you aren’t using, while still running it in parts of the home you are. That can cut your monthly energy bills considerably.

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