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AC Problems that Can’t Wait


Air conditioner issues, especially when they happen during a heat wave, are extremely unpleasant. When an AC unit starts acting up, the first thing you’ll worry is that it’s going to break down completely and leave you sweltering. In some cases, getting an immediate repair can mean the difference between continuing to have air conditioning and having to replace the unit entirely. But how do you know whether your problem is one of those cases? We’ll give you some pointers to help gauge when an AC issue calls for emergency repair, and when you can safely wait for a scheduled appointment.

Check a Few Things Yourself

Whenever you’re not delighted with how your air conditioner is operating, there are a few simple steps you should take before deciding whether a repair is necessary. First, if it’s not turning on at all, check the circuit breaker. And regardless of the symptoms, double-check your thermostat settings, clean your air filter, and trim shrubs or remove leaf litter or gently hose away dirt from your outdoor unit. If your problem is resolved with these steps, you won’t need a repair urgently, but do keep an eye on things in case it’s a recurring problem.

Consider the Urgency

We have the luxury of generally being able to survive a couple of days without air conditioning in Woburn, MA. But if you have vulnerable family members and the next few days are predicted to be extremely hot, the problem itself isn’t as big a concern as the risk of not having air conditioning.

If it feels like an emergency to you, treat it as such. But most concerns can be addressed with a regularly-scheduled appointment. Keep in mind that we aren’t suggesting you ignore these problems! Prompt repair is important for making sure problems don’t worsen or begin to affect other components. 

Address True Emergencies Immediately

When faced with a repair need, the question that can help to distinguish a true emergency is this: if I don’t get it fixed immediately, is there a chance that it will get to the point of being no longer fixable? The last thing you want is to go from “My air conditioner needs repair” to “I need a new air conditioner” in the span of a few days.

The one component of an air conditioner that you don’t want to take any risks with is the compressor. It does the absolutely critical job of pressurizing the refrigerant, making it possible for it to flow through the system of coils, carrying heat out of your home as it goes. And not only is it the most critical component, but it’s also the most expensive. Generally, if the compressor fails, replacing the whole AC system is a better choice than replacing the compressor.

It is located in the outdoor cabinet, also called the condenser unit. If you hear alarming noises coming from it, if it starts with a bang rather than just coming on with a hum, or if it repeatedly trips the circuit breaker, you should turn off your air conditioner and treat it as an emergency rather than risk burning out the compressor. Our team is available 24/7 to save your AC system.

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