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Decoding Those Odd AC Sounds

woman-covering-her-ears-wearing-blue-button-upsWe love forms of musical expression here at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.—just not from your AC system. If your air conditioner could be described as “symphonic”, it might be time for you to ask for help from a professional. Air conditioning noises are hard to battle with because different sounds mean very different things.

If you’re confused by the sounds that your air conditioner makes, it’s time for you to contact our team. We have years of experience in the HVAC industry and all our technicians understand how to fine tune your air conditioning in Newton, MA. We’ll make sure you stay cool through the hot, sticky heat here this summer. Contact us today!

What Your AC Sounds Mean

We don’t expect you to understand the source of every single air conditioning problem that you have. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top air conditioning trouble sounds and their causes:


Banging is probably the top AC trouble sound. When you hear this air conditioning sound it’s incredibly hard to ignore. If you hear this sound coming from your home’s air conditioner, you should call a professional from our team sooner than later. The most common reason that you’ll hear this sound is due to a faulty air conditioner compressor. A compressor problem calls for meticulous care and a huge overhaul.

If this sound occurs in routine succession it could be due to a loose fan blade. It’s important not to procrastinate no matter what the problem is. Problems like this will wear down your air conditioning system fast.


This is probably one of those noises that you’ll try to ignore for a while. It’s easy to let this noise blur into the background. Buzzing noises are normally the result of loose screws or bolts causing your system to vibrate. If you let this system go on for too long it will result in a reduced system lifespan or frequent repair issues. That’s the last thing you want during a hot summer! Contact our team sooner than later.

Whistling or Hissing

Soft whistling or hissing noises hint at a problem with worn or improperly sealed ductwork. If there are gaps or loose parts anywhere within your network of ducts, you need a professional. You can’t just tackle these problems with duct tape or caulk. You need a professional to diagnose these problems and make sure your air leakage issues are solved once and for all.


Squealing is almost always a sign that you’re having trouble with your air conditioner’s belts. Air conditioner trouble means that you have loose or defective belts in your air conditioning system. These components incur natural wear and tear. You can count on our team when you start to notice the signs of trouble.


Grinding is another one of those sounds that will typically alert you to a problem very quickly. If you suspect that your air conditioning motor has seen better days, you need our team to help inspect your system and get it back in shape.

If you need air conditioning repair services, make sure that you contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.  

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