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How Much Should My AC Repair Cost?

money-saving-green-eco-friendly-iconHave you ever been quoted a price for your home’s air conditioning repair and thought… this can’t be right? You’re racking up quite the bill trying to get your air conditioner working and you can’t understand what the disconnect is. We’re here to bridge the divide.

There is a range that your air conditioner repair costs should land in. We’re going to help you figure out what your sweet spot is. Keep reading below to figure out your needs when it comes to air conditioning repair in Newton, MA. Our professionals are here to help you with everything you could possibly need.

The Rule of 5,000

The rule that you need to know is the rule of 5,000. The background of this rule is pretty simple—you just multiply the cost of repair by the age of your air conditioner. Ideally, the number that you end up with should be less than 5,000. Let’s run through a quick example to illustrate what we mean.

The price of your AC repair X the age of your AC system = outcome

So, for example, let’s say that your air conditioning repair costs about $500 and your air conditioning system is on the older side. It just reached this 11-year benchmark. Your equation would look like this…

$500 x 11 = 5,500

Your outcome is over 5,000 which means it’s in the danger zone. Your air conditioning repair service costs way too much and it’s not a repair that you should go through with. Now, let’s discuss your other options…

What Happens If My Number Is Over 5,000?

If the outcome of your equation is over 5,000, then you’re going to need to consider other methods of action. The one that we suggest is a system replacement.

We know that “replacement” can be quite the heavy suggestion and lots of homeowners prickle at the thought of it. Just hear us out. Replacement is probably the most financially responsible option. It’s unlikely that this is the only air conditioning problem you’ve gotten to the point of trying to figure out if the price of repair is right. It’s more than likely an ongoing issue. The trouble is that even if you solve one repair issue, it’s likely that there will be another right around the corner. We’d suggest a complete overhaul.

Don’t Be Afraid of Replacement

We completely understand the reputation that air conditioning repair has because so many people have horror stories. We don’t want you to struggle with the price of the process. That’s why we have the best professionals on our team ready to get you through it.

Replacement starts before you purchase anything. It starts with the research. We understand that this is a really overwhelming part of the process but we strive to make it as easy as possible. We empower you with the right knowledge, all the right resources, and friendly professionals. All you need to do is make sure that you act as soon as possible. We’re prepared to help you with what you need.

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