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Run Your Air Conditioner and Look for Problems

ac-condensing-unitSpring is on its way, and while the weather is still very cool, it’s going to be hot and muggy soon enough. When that happens, you’re going to need your air conditioner to work every day without fail. There’s nothing worse than experiencing a breakdown when temperatures and humidity are sky high, and while our repair team can move swiftly to correct any problems, we’d much rather stop them before they start. The sooner you can spot an issue with your air conditioner, the better.

Ideally, you should schedule an air conditioning maintenance session from a trained professional before the weather gets too hot. That lets the technician check for problems, correct the smaller ones and set up a repair session for any larger ones before they turn into a crisis. Ideally, you should set up such a session once or twice a year, at the beginning and end of cooling season.

Barring that, however, you can still help your cause simply by turning your air conditioner on during the first warm day of the year and letting it run for 15-20 minutes while checking for signs of trouble. Anything out of the ordinary is usually reason enough to call in a repair service, but more specific signs can include:

  • Strange sounds that don’t match the normal sounds of your system.
  • Short cycling, or turning on and off rapidly throughout the day.
  • Low air flow from one or more vents.
  • Warm air, or air that isn’t as cool as you’d expect.

Spotting those signs lets you get them addressed well before cooling season starts, meaning you won’t have to worry about keeping your home comfortable once you really have need of your air conditioning system.

For quality AC servicing and repairs in the Lexington, MA area, call on the friendly pros at Cooling Unlimited, Inc!

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