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Why Is Sizing a New Air Conditioner Important?

The proper sizing of HVAC equipment is one of the most crucial aspects of designing a compatible system for your home. There’s a common misconception amongst homeowners that the bigger their AC is, the better. True, you don’t want your air conditioner to be too small. If it is, your AC may continuously run but offer little to no cooling effect.

However, if the system is too big it will go through a process called short-cycling, which is when it shuts on and off rapidly—typically more than 6 times an hour—to compensate for its size. This results in an inefficient air conditioning system.

What’s Wrong with Short-Cycling?

While wear and tear over the years is normal, short-cycling causes your system to wear down faster. In addition, it doesn’t allow your system to properly dehumidify your indoor air. Air conditioners usually don’t start dehumidifying until they’ve been running for a certain period of time, which short-cycling doesn’t allow. The excess moisture caused by humidity can cause problems for your home, and well as for your health.

So, How Do I Get the Right Sized AC?

Your HVAC technician will take a few factors into consideration when sizing an air conditioner for your home. The square footage of your home is one of these factors, but not the only thing they’ll look at. They’ll consider the height of your ceilings, the location and number of windows and doors in your home, your insulation, how many occupants are in your home, and more.

They should also look at if you’ve made any energy-efficient upgrades to your home. This may include extra insulation or weather stripping, both of which could potentially decrease the size of air conditioner needed to cool your home.

To ensure you select the right sized air conditioner this spring, contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. in Boston, MA today.

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