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5 Inexpensive Ways To Help Your Heater

hand drawing check box on a white backgroundHave your heating bills been a little higher than you’d like them to be this winter? If this is the case, then you should definitely schedule an appointment with our professionals. You shouldn’t have to walk around your home shivering or brace yourself for impact every time you hop out of bed and your feet hit the cold floor. And you shouldn’t dread your energy bill coming in the mail every month.

If you want better heating in Newton, MA, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Your heater isn’t something that you want to overlook the quality of. If you’re looking to troubleshoot before you step out and call for repair or replacement, try these tips.

Simple Heating Tips

Here are a few heating tips you can try as winter marches on:

1.      Get a New Thermostat

Do you have a digital thermostat in your home? Most people in the Newton area do now, but we have some bad news to tell you now—it’s not cutting it anymore. Wi-Fi and Smart thermostats are the best of the best when it comes to getting your energy savings in your home. This is because they’re both so precise.

We recommend smart thermostats in particular because they “learn” how you like to heat up your home. You read that correctly. Your smart thermostat takes note of when you like to heat your home, for how long, and at what temperatures. This means that your thermostat can then anticipate your needs and auto-adjust to them. It can even suggest more cost-effective methods.

2.      Insulate

Do you ever feel odd drafts when you’re walking through your home? This isn’t a good sign. Insulation is important if you want low energy bills. You could have the best heater around that’s perfectly fitted to the size and needs of your home, but you’d still feel cold without the right insulation. Try weatherstripping, caulk, and even door sweeps to help you stay warm.

3.      Have Your Ceiling Fan Help

Your ceiling fan isn’t just for cooling you off. Your ceiling fan can actually move the warm air that’s accumulated at the ceiling down to your living space. You just have to reverse the flow. This is an easy way to improve your personal comfort and lower those bills.

4.      Clear Things Up

If you moved bulky pieces of furniture around your home, double-check and make sure that none of these things are blocking vents. It’s easy to move things around haphazardly during milder times of the year without thinking. Blocking a vent results in terrible heating output. Clear this up before the heating season progresses.

5.      Let There Be Light

You should put the natural light outdoors to your personal advantage. Letting in the light means that you can naturally heat up your home a little. Make sure that you’re opening up your curtains and/or blinds around noon and keeping them open throughout the majority of the day. It’s going to help you stay warm for less. You don’t have to overwork your heater anymore with this tip.

Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today. We understand your unique cooling and heating needs.

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