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A Guide to Purchasing a New Generator

Mother Nature strikes without warning, and while Boston, MA knows how to counter a blizzard or similar storm, you never know when you might lose power in your home. It can be doubly concerning because you don’t have many options if the snows are falling besides sitting tight and hoping your home remains habitable. A generator makes an ideal form of insurance against that possibility: providing power, heat and peace of mind when things are at their worst. Buying a generator involves a number of steps, which a trained professional can help you with before performing the installation itself. Here’s a quick guide to purchasing a new generator.

Size It Right

All generators have a power load determining how much electricity they can generate. You need your generator to safely power all of the appliances in your home – including being able to handle electrical surges on top of that. If you need to go with a smaller generator, then you should prioritize your appliances to cover what you absolutely need, with more superfluous appliances like game systems and the like. A trained professional can audit your home and determine your precise power needs. You can then rank them by priority to know exactly how big your unit should be.

Know Its Fuel Consumption Rate

When trouble hits, you won’t be able to just step out and buy more fuel for your generator. You should know what your new system’s fuel consumption rate is and always have enough fuel on-hand to run the system for several days comfortably.

Placement is Key

Unless you plan to plug all of your appliances directly into the generator, you need a transfer switch to connect it to your electrical grid and proper placement in your home. It needs to be easily accessible, clear of obstructions and provide adequate ventilation while it’s running.

The pros at Cooling Unlimited can help you select and install a new generator today!


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