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Should I Install a Zone Control System?

Many households here in Boston, MA rely on centralized heating and air conditioning systems to maintain comfortable temperatures in their homes. A centralized unit creates warm or cool air as necessary, then a fan blows the conditioned air through a series of ducts hidden in the walls and attic of your home. The system works quite well, but it usually heats the entire home evenly, which means you can’t vary the temperature from room to room. A zone control system provides an answer to the drawback, and in the process, gives you a way to save big money on heating and cooling costs. Here’s how.

The System

The system itself is quite simple, just a series of shutters installed at key points in your ducts. Each shutter is fitted with its own thermostat and control panel, allowing you to open and close it as you wish. The results divide your home into individual sections – usually by room though that’s not always the case – with a separate and distinct control panel for each one.

What That Lets You Do

The main benefit of a zone control system is that it lets you shut the heat or the air conditioning off in rooms you aren’t using, while keeping it running in rooms that you are. As a result, your system won’t have to work so hard to keep your home comfortable, and your monthly energy bills will drop accordingly. On a more luxurious note, a zone control system lets you tweak the temperature in each room to your liking, so that one person can sit in a room at 75 degrees and another in a different room at 72 degrees. The system can handle it without a problem, ending potential family squabbles before they start.

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