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Is a Boiler System Right for My Home?

Many homes in the Wakefield, MA area use forced-air furnaces, which are inexpensive to run and generally effective. But other homes use boiler systems to keep warm in the winter, and while not every home is the same, boilers provide a number of potential benefits that you should consider.

Boilers work by using heated water or steam, which run through pipes to provide radiant heating for your home. They require regular maintenance just like any other system, and run into repair issues from time to time as well. But they can provide a number of advantages to the right home, which you should consider carefully when weighing your options.

Boilers Don’t Waste Energy

Forced air systems need to blow air in order to work, which is inexpensive, but also very inefficient.  Energy is wasted via leaks in the ducts, cold spots, lack of insulation, and the simple fact that hot air can turn to cold air with a surprising amount of speed. By using water, boilers get around all that, giving you more power for your energy dollar. That helps contribute to the system’s longevity as well: greater efficiency means less stress on the components and a longer shelf-life overall.

Boilers Get around Draft Problems

Drafts and cold spots can bedevil any home with a forced-air furnace, but it goes deeper than that. Dust and dirt can circulate very easily with a forced-air system, as can germs. And because you rarely open your doors or windows for very long in the winter, those germs will keep circulating every time you turn on the heater. Boilers, on the other hand, use radiant heating, which doesn’t need the air to blow and won’t circulate dust and germs the way a forced-air furnace can.

For more on the merits of boilers or to schedule an installation, call on Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today!

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