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Keep Your Vents Clear of Snow This Winter

Heaters and dryers use vents to clear exhaust and high temperatures from the system. That makes vents a vital part of your home, which makes it doubly important that you keep them clear during the winter.

As the snow falls here in Andover, MA, it could conspire to clog the vents, as can animal nests and other bits of detritus. Damage to the vents could create a backflow too, all of which is bad news for your homes. Here’s how to deal with this possibility the right way.

Why It’s a Problem

In the best case scenario, a blocked vent will cause your dryer or heating system to shut down, necessitating that the blockage be cleared before the unit will work again. It gets progressively worse from there. If your system doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature, the heat could damage vital parts, turning a simple bit of maintenance into a huge repair bill if you’re not careful.

In the worst cases, the carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals in the exhaust can leak into your home, posing a direct threat to your family. We simply get too much snowfall in the winter to leave such possibilities to chance.

What You Can Do

Protecting yourself from these possibilities starts with making sure your vents are clear throughout the winter. Know the location of your furnace and dryer vents and check them every few weeks to make sure the snow and ice doesn’t build up around them. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance session for your heating system yet, you should probably do so. And to warn you of possible toxic gasses, have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home and test it monthly to ensure it’s always working.

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