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This is Why it’s the Right Time for Heater Repair


Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow (and this year, he did) we in Massachusetts know that winter does not end in March. But spring is approaching! In a matter of weeks, the maple sap will be running, and the first early flowers won’t be far behind. Does that mean you should let your heater limp along, hoping to postpone repairs until next fall? Definitely not.

Now is definitely the best time to schedule heating repair in Cambridge, MA if you have any concerns about your heater’s well-being and we’ll explain why.

Safety Concerns

Any problems with your heating system should be promptly addressed in order to ensure your safety. This is most important when your heating system is gas-fueled because gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning can result when a malfunctioning heater is not repaired.

But electric heaters are not free of safety risks either. Because of the amount of electricity being used and the complexity of the system, short circuits and electrical fires can occur if your electric furnace is not properly cared for. Delaying repairs means increasing the risk of these hazards.

Risk of Breakdown

If you’re debating whether a repair is necessary, you haven’t reached the point of total breakdown. Your heating system is still running. Perhaps it’s making some alarming noises, like booming, rattling, or screeching. Or perhaps the heating cycle has become more and more rapid, turning on and off too frequently.

But allowing the heater to continue operating without the help it needs will allow the problem to worsen. For example, that screeching noise might be a belt coming loose. If you keep running your heat, it could fly from its moorings and hit other components, causing the whole system to shut down.

We might be creeping closer toward springtime, but it will still be a while before you’ll be comfortable in an unheated home. Having repairs done now will help you avoid that situation, so you won’t end up waiting for repairs wearing mittens and every sweater you own. 

Increased Cost

Delaying those repairs can increase the cost of heating your home in three different ways. 

  • 1: Many heater problems decrease the efficiency of operation. In the example above with the rapidly cycling furnace, because the startup uses more energy than any other part of the heating cycle, you’re paying for more fuel every single time that too-frequent cycle starts again. In the example of the booming noise, there could be delayed ignition causing too much fuel to build up before it is lit. Again, this is a waste of fuel… and money.
  • 2: As we mentioned, a small repair need left unattended can turn into a larger repair need. A belt replacement is simple and not very expensive. The components damaged by a belt that wasn’t repaired could be much more expensive to repair or replace.
  • 3: Running with additional strain on the system from unaddressed problems causes more wear and tear to the whole system than regular use. Your heating system should last 10-15 years or even more. However, that wear and tear will cause the whole thing to age faster, and you will end up needing a new furnace much sooner. Prompt repairs will help prolong the lifespan of your heating system.

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. for all your heating repair needs.

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