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Upgrade Your Heating System this Winter

Winters in Boston, MA are as cold as they come, and while we were given a respite over the holidays, that freezing weather is ready to make our lives miserable again. While your heating system may be doing an admirable job, there’s always ways you can improve it. Upgrades to your system are comparatively easy for a professional to install and won’t cost nearly as much as replacing your system entirely. But the difference it can make will leave your system feeling like new, and possibly lower the costs of keeping your home warm this winter to boot. Here’s a quick list of some upgrades you may want to consider for your heater this winter.

  • Zone Control Systems. Zone control works in homes with forced-air furnaces, or is otherwise reliant on ductwork to distribute its heat. It uses a series of shutters and controls to divide the home into sections, each of which can have its heat adjusted individually or even turned off if you aren’t using it.
  • Thermostats can last a long time, and if yours is older, you may not be taking advantages of new features like remote activation (via an app in your phone) or smart programming that tailors the temperature to match your unique tastes.
  • Winters can get very dry, and when you button your home up to keep warm, the air inside can get even drier. That leads to cracked, itchy skin, increased risk of colds and static electricity. A whole-house humidifier can change all of that, elevating the moisture levels to increase the comfort levels.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators. These are placed in the attic of your home, and swap your stale indoor air with fresh air outside, all without losing the warm temperature your heater worked so hard to create.

For details on these and other heating upgrades, call the pros at Cooling Unlimited today!

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