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“Why Is My Home So Drafty?”

blue-question-mark-graphicUnfortunately, there are many reasons why your home could be drafty. If your home is drafty now, then it’s probably been drafty throughout the entire year. You’re noticing it a lot more now because it’s so cool outside. You’re relying on your heater much more often than you have in the past and you feel like it’s not really working for you… what’s going on?

If you have a drafty home, there are going to be some steps you can take before you can reach out to us. Ultimately though, you’re going to end up needing furnace repair in Boston, MA. We’ll provide expert service that keeps your home warm when it counts.

Why Is It Drafty?

Let’s get into some reasons why your home might be a little drafty. Here are a few:


There are some gaps around your doors, windows, or other fixtures in your home. This is a major cause of drafts. The problem with gaps is that you can pump as much warm air as you’d like to in your home—it’s just not going to stay there. You’re going to have all this warm air just flying out of the gaps.

If you want to be mindful of any open points in your home, then it’s a great idea to keep your chimney or your fireplace in mind. Make sure your damper is closed when the fireplace isn’t in use and consider a chimney cap to reduce backdrafts too.

Bad Doors and/or Windows

Do you have old doors, windows, or other fixtures in your home? If you’ve lived in your home for years and you’ve never replaced these fixtures, then it’s definitely time for you to switch things up. If these doors and windows are outdated, then this is the prime place that you’re going to be losing out on warm air. Investing in these fixtures is the best way to save heat.

If you’re not completely ready to replace, we understand, just invest in some great weatherstripping and caulking for your home.

Bad Insulation

Poor insulation is what plagues a vast number of homes not only in Boston but across the country. If you can’t find the cause of the draft no matter how much hunting you do, then the answer is probably poor insulation.

Start with your insulation in your attic. Your home is a lot like the human body. If you’re cold and you put on a hat and some fuzzy socks, you’re sure to warm up fast. It isn’t really that much different with a home. You lose a lot of your heat from your attic.

Still Cold, Even Though It’s Not Drafty?

So you’ve done your best to eliminate the drafts in your home the best way that you can. What’s left is… still a cold home. What should you do?

Repair Your Heater

Or we should say… contact us to fix your heater. We’re going to make sure that you have the perfect service to keep your home warm.

Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today for your heating services this winter.

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