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How do UV Air Purifiers Work?

We push the benefits of UV air purifiers to our customers as a way of combating illness in their Boston, MA homes. Winter sends colds and flu bugs on the rampage, while the pollen of spring can wreak havoc on those suffering from allergies. These contaminants are especially problematic if you’ve just brought a new baby home or you have elderly residents in the home, and while air conditioning screens can help matters, there’s nothing you can do to stop germs and other unwanted guests from invading your home. The solution is a UV air purifier installed by professionals and used to scrub the air clean of germs and contaminants. How do UV air purifiers work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

UV Light

UV light lies beyond our ability to see, but we can definitely feel it: it causes sunburns at the beach or when we’re exposed to excess amounts of sunlight. UV lightbulbs radiate that light at much safer levels. In fact, you often see them used at amusement parks and rock concerts to make your white clothes glow in the dark. When safe to us, however, those bulbs are lethal to one-celled organisms like viruses and germs. They will either kill the little creepy-crawlies or fuse their DNA, rendering them unable to replicate.

Place Them Where They’ll Do the Most Good

UV air purifiers work best at the spots where they can cover the most air in the least amount of time. Installed at the apex of your ducts, they create an impenetrable barrier that germs can’t help but pass through. As a result, your air is gradually scrubbed clean by running your air conditioner or heater, leading to a healthier home and a drastic reduction in contaminants as a result.

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