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Now is the Time to Replace a Faulty Heater

Here in Brookline, MA, we’re finally coming out from under another New England winter and looking ahead to a hot summer. This is normally a time to focus on your air conditioner, not your heater, but if your heating system has been giving you trouble, this is the ideal time to consider a replacement. The question of whether to replace an older heater is a tricky one, and in the end only you can make the call on that front. Once you decide to do so, however, a trained service company can easily help you out. Here’s a few key piece of information to remember as you make your deliberations.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Heater

Generally speaking, the decision to replace your heater comes down to performance and cost, which are actually very closely linked. A poorly performing heater will suffer frequent breakdowns, engender expensive repair sessions and run inefficiently so that your monthly bills are quite high. Furthermore, once a hearer outlasts its warranty, those problems tend to increase. You can extend your system’s life with regular maintenance calls, but sooner or later the combination of age and inefficiency is going to lead you to pull the trigger on a new system.

Why Now?

Spring is usually the ideal time to replace your heater, or at least get the process started. In the first place, you’ve likely been dealing with issues on your existing system all winter, and the problem is still fresh in your mind. More importantly, it gives you all the time you need to plan for the installation, decide on a new system and schedule the replacement session on your timetable, making sure you can balance it against the other demands of your busy schedule. That way, it will be ready to go in the fall when you need it without a problem.

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