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4 Common Summer Plumbing Emergencies


We all know about the worst plumbing emergency winter has to offer: frozen, burst pipes. But other seasons have their risks as well. During the summer, there are unique strains on various parts of our plumbing systems. If you know what to look out for, you can prevent some of these issues from occurring, or at least catch them promptly and make sure they get addressed when they do occur. Here are four of the plumbing emergencies you’re most likely to encounter during the summer.

1: Drain Clogs

More bits of the great outdoors make their way inside during the summer. Beach sand on our bodies and clothes, clumps of mud on our shoes and the soles of our feet, leaves and grass tangled in our hair. If we try to wash these things in the sink or jump in the shower covered in mess, we can cause serious drain clogs.

It may seem like sand or dirt should easily flow down our sink and shower drains and through our sewer lines. But keep in mind that those pipes probably already have some buildup inside them. Just imagine all that sand sticking to soap scum that lines your plumbing. No wonder it can accumulate quickly and back up your drain!

Try to shake off or hose down as much mess as you can outdoors before resorting to washing anything down your drains. And if you do have a serious clog, especially one affecting multiple drains, it’s time for an emergency plumber in Boston

2: Garbage Disposal Breakdowns

Your garbage disposal may have functioned well all year, causing you to be shocked when something goes wrong during the summer. But there are some factors that make summertime a significant strain on that system.

First, it’s likely that there are more people at home more of the time, and that you may have visitors more often. This means not only that more food is going down the disposal, but there may be people running it who are unfamiliar with how it works.

Second, certain delectable summertime delights can be very bad for a garbage disposal. Too much grilled meat grease can clog the sink. A stray bone from those ribs or a corn cob can cause a sudden breakdown. Make sure you’re following the basic guidelines about what goes down the disposal, never put a hand in to try to retrieve something or fix the mechanism, and call a professional when you need repair.

3: Water Heater Problems

Having more family members at home all day means more water use. And sweatier summertime bodies mean more showers. It’s easy for a water heater to develop a serious problem under all that pressure. Get professional repairs if you hear strange noises, don’t have enough hot water, have a drop in the temperature of the hot water or in water pressure, or see puddles below the water heater. 

4: Flooded Basements

This summer in particular has been much rainier than average, and summer downpours can lead to flooding. You might find that your sump pump has been working very hard and can no longer handle the strain. Or you may be discovering for the first time that your basement really needs a sump pump. Sump pump installation, maintenance, and repair can be critical in the summer.

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