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Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Plumbing Problem


Your home’s plumbing is like your body’s circulatory system. It’s absolutely critical to the function of the house, and if it springs a leak or suffers some other problem, immediate attention from a qualified professional is required. Allowing plumbing issues to worsen can lead to massive water damage and other terrible consequences.

Clearly, this means that you must notice and address plumbing problems right away. Therefore, you need to know how to spot problems early, before they get too serious. How can you spot the first signs that you need a plumber? Watch for these signs of a plumbing problem so you can get a plumber in Boston right away.

Lack of Water

If your water pressure drops dramatically, or your water stops running altogether, you’ll notice promptly. What could be wrong? It’s possible that the problem is located in a municipal water main, and not yours to resolve at all, so check with neighbors or your water provider to see if it’s a widespread issue. 

And if not? It could be that your home’s main water line has suffered a serious failure, and the water is leaking out before it reaches any fixtures. Or, during the winter, it’s quite likely to be caused by frozen pipes. Because of the proximity to the cold outdoor weather, this is most likely to happen at the point where your water enters your home. Don’t try to thaw it with a hair dryer! Call a qualified plumber.

Increasing Water Bills

Sometimes, a plumbing leak happens in a sneaky place that you won’t spot right away. It can even happen to pipes underneath your foundation. But if there’s a leak, water is being wasted. That will be reflected in your water bill, so if you notice it rising, and you haven’t just filled a large swimming pool, it should be investigated by a plumber.


When water leaks out into your home, it can noticeably raise your home’s humidity level. You might simply feel that the air is heavier and wetter. Your dehumidifier might be running more of the time. You might even start to have a mold problem, because mold loves moist, humid environments.

Drain Odors

A smell from a specific drain can mean there’s biological matter decomposing in that one drain. You can pour a cup of baking soda down it, followed by a cup of vinegar, and let it bubble for ten minutes before running the tap. If this doesn’t do the trick, drain cleaning will.

A smell from multiple drains can mean one of two things. Perhaps there’s biological matter decomposing deeper in the drainage system, partially clogging your sewer pipe and allowing odors to spread throughout your home. Otherwise, you could have a blocked sewer vent, and sewer gas—which is a serious health hazard—is rising from your drains.

If you notice any of these signs, or anything else that causes you concern about your plumbing, such as water stains, odd noises, or puddles in your lawn, don’t hesitate to call. We’re happy to help!

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