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How to Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy

Plumber-holding-pipeYour plumbing system probably isn’t an aspect of your home that you think about on a daily basis, but it greatly impacts the daily function of your home. It’s important to fully understand your plumbing system so that you know how to treat it. Knowledge in this arena will help you maintain a healthy plumbing system for years to come and avoid costly plumbing issues. If you need reliable plumbing in Boston, MA, you can count on our amazing staff here at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.

Step to Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy

There are many easy steps you can take to keep your plumbing system healthy and to prevent clogs. We’ve listed some of the best measures below.

Know Your Plumbing System

The best way to keep your plumbing system healthy is to really understand the intricacies of your system. Do you know where your shut off valve is? What about where all your pipes are located? These are the basics you need to know to ensure that you’re not making simple mistakes and unknowingly damaging your system.

Be Discerning About What Goes Down Your Drain

You should always make sure that you’re not putting anything harmful down your drains.

  • In the bathroom: When it comes to your bathroom, make sure that you don’t allow hair and soap scum to become a burden to your drains.
  • In the kitchen: In the kitchen, make sure you’re not allowing any FOG down your drain. The acronym “FOG” stands for fats, oils, or greases. These are the prime culprits of kitchen clogging. Other types of food byproducts that should never go down your drain are eggshells, coffee grinds, pasta, and fruit or vegetable peels. All these items make it much harder for your plumbing system to function efficiently.
  • Over the counter drain cleaners: Although over the counter drain cleaners that promise to unclog your drain fast and efficiently may seem promising, we can assure you that these do more harm than good. The chemicals in this cleaner are extremely caustic corrode your pipe. It’s better to have a professional plumber clear your drain of a clog.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep your plumbing system healthy is to schedule routine maintenance. While there are many preventative measures you can take to make sure that your plumbing system remains healthy, the best way to keep things running smoothly is to have a professional service your system once a year. A lot of the plumbing issues you experience don’t just pop up overnight, they slowly happen over a course of time. Routine maintenance is the difference between a system that runs smoothly and a system that’s riddled with issues. A plumber can spot any problems on the horizon before they become issues that impact your daily life.

Know When to Call for Repairs

When you do have a plumbing problem, it’s important to call a professional to handle repairs as soon as possible. Trying to perform repairs yourself often leads to a bigger problem than the issue you initially had. We deal with the aftermath of lots of do-it-yourself projects here at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. and we understand the hesitation of homeowners to call a plumber but at our company, we always provide prompt, reliable, and cost-effective services.

When you need dependable plumbing services, contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc.

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