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How to Stop Frozen Pipes This Winter

We live in a part of the country that gets very cold in the winter. So if you own a home in Wakefield, MA or some nearby town, it is in your best interest to prepare for any problems the cold may cause. Among the biggest concerns for most homes in the area is the issue of frozen pipes, in which water in the pipes freezes solid.

Water expands as it cools and can be surprisingly powerful when it freezes: creating bursts in your pipes that can take a great deal of effort to repair. Burst pipes are especially troubling during the holiday season, when you and your family may be gone for weeks before the trouble is located. You can take steps now to prevent frozen pipes this winter, both with concrete steps and the inclusion of timely upgrades to your system.

Install an Automatic Shut-Off Valve

Burst pipes can be problematic when you’re away because the water will just keep flowing out of them until you recognize the problem. An automatic shut-off valve detects sudden pressure loss in your pipes, and shuts the flow of water off, protecting your home from further damage until you can return from the holidays and address it properly.

Identify Trouble Spots

Trouble spots for your plumbing can include pipes in underheated parts of the home like your basement, as well as pipes running along outside walls and the like. If possible, see if you can further insulate these pipes.

If not, then leave the faucets and outlets that they feed on a trickle. The tiny flowing water trickle will help keep the pipes from freezing, providing protection that easily offsets the small monthly costs you will incur for running the water in such a fashion.

Call Cooling Unlimited for further help winterizing your pipes for the winter!

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