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Signs That You Have a Gas Leak

service-timeIf you think that professional plumbers only deal with those systems and appliances that bring potable water into your home and drain wastewater out of your home, think again. One of the most important services that we have to offer is gas piping. When you need new gas piping installed, or if you should run into a problem requiring gas piping repairs, you are going to need to work with a professional plumber in Boston, MA.

Natural gas is a great resource. As a largely domestic product, it tends to be quite affordable and is not subject to the volatility of the foreign oil markets. It is also piped directly to the house and the appliances that use it, meaning that you don’t have to worry about scheduling fuel deliveries or storing fuel onsite. However, as is the case with any combustible fuel, there is the potential for danger.  That is why you need prompt gas line repairs if and when anything should go wrong.

First Things First—That Smell!

If you have ever smelled natural gas, maybe when lighting the pilot on an older appliance, then you probably know that, well, it stinks! This is not a happy coincidence. That sulfuric odor that is so reminiscent of rotten eggs is actually an additive that is intentionally put into the gas. Why?

It functions as a safety precaution. Human beings are pretty unique in their ability to downplay potential threats. Trust us, we get called out to a lot of pretty major services that could have been mitigated or resolved entirely by swifter action. When you are dealing with something as in your face as this odor, though, you are highly unlikely to ignore the issue.

Look for Dying Vegetation

Natural gas is a great resource, as we mentioned above. It is very versatile, being used for everything from fueling ovens and ranges to hot water heaters, home heating systems, and even clothes dryers. What it is not, however, is a great fertilizer.

Natural gas is dangerous to its combustible nature, but just breathing it in is also not healthful. The same is true for contact with plant life. If you notice that patches of grass are going yellow and brown or that shrubs and bushes seem to be dying off, it could be the result of a gas leak that is essentially poisoning these plants.

Problems with Ignition

If you have multiple gas appliances in your home that are all struggling to function properly, then you should hedge your bets and err on the side of caution. It is very likely that you are dealing with a gas leak. It may be in the main gas line, or perhaps at a connection point.

Regardless of how many appliances are affected, you need to take any potential gas leak very seriously. If you smell natural gas or notice any such irregularities in your home, let us know right away. Contact the appropriate authorities, get out of the house, and let us handle any gas line services that you may need.

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