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Tips for Reducing Wear on Your Pipes

Last week, we discussed the benefit of automatic shut-off valves and the ways they can protect your Boston, MA home from leaks and burst pipes. Today we’d like to talk a little about other ways to prevent leaks in your plumbing. Wear and tear tends to come from one of three different sources: outside damage, excess water pressure, and harsh components in the water. Damage can be tough to stop, though your plumbing is often protected by its hidden placement in the walls or under the floor. The other two factors, however, can be addressed with a few little tricks.

Hose Bib Gauge

The hose bib gauge can be purchased for around $10 at any hardware store or home improvement center. It measures the pressure of the water in your pipes (as measured in pounds per square inch or psi), which should be between 40 psi and 80 psi. Any higher and the pressure can cause undue wear on your pipes: particularly dangerous in the winter since it can cause pipes to burst. If high pressure turns out to be a problem, you can have a professional plumber install a pressure regulator in your system.

Water Softener

Hard water is water that contains a high mineral content. It’s harmless to drink — the minerals are usually calcium or magnesium, which our bodies can absorb —  but it can be very harsh on the pipes themselves. That hastens corrosion and can similarly lead to leaks and burst pipes. The solution is a water softening system installed in your plumbing. Not only will it be gentler on your pipes, but it will make your drinking water tastier, and help protect your clothes from fading when you do the laundry.

If you have questions about any of these devices, or feel that they might be a good fit for your home, call the pros at Cooling Unlimited today!

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