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The Benefits of Changing Your Filters

Every heating and air conditioning system comes with a set of filters, designed to strain out dust and dirt in your system. Professional technicians in the Wakefield, MA area can change your filters as part of a regular servicing session, but the fact remains that you should actually change them much more often: every 1-3 months on average, depending upon how often you run your system.

The good news is that they’re not hard to find  — available at any hardware store or home improvement center — and you can remove the old one and slide in the new one with few problems whatsoever. But that doesn’t answer the question of what you benefit when you change your filter on a regular basis. You won’t believe the advantages it offers.

  • Longer AC Life. The filters catch dust and dirt that might otherwise travel into your system. That can clog burners in heating systems, cause moving parts to increase friction and generally elevate the strain on the system. A filter can stop all of that cold, helping not only to lower the costs of running your AC, but extending its overall life to boot.
  • Improved Air Flow. Clogged filters can slow down the flow of air in your system. That leads to higher bills and increased strain, and in the worst cases can actively cause a breakdown.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. All of that dust and dirt can circulate through your home, creating serious health risks for your family. It’s especially important to change the filters regularly if your home has an infant, an elderly resident, or someone suffering from a condition such as asthma.

The more often you can change your filters, the better. You can look into higher-end versions such as those with a high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. Call the pros at Cooling Unlimited to find out more!

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