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3 Things to Consider When Buying a New Generator

A new generator can be a huge boon to homes in the Andover, MA area. Our civic grid can withstand a lot, but Mother Nature always has the final word. A generator can be perfect for keeping your home safe and comfortable in a crisis, and if you’re decided to add one to your home, we can install it and keep it serviced so that it’s ready to go whenever you need it. But once you’ve made the decision to install one, you need to consider a few things carefully before determining which system is right for your home. We’ve laid out the three most important below.

1. Sizing

Every generator has a power load, which needs to supply energy for all of the appliance connected to it, plus a little extra to handle power surges. Ideally, it should cover every appliance in your home., but at the very least, it needs to handle the essentials. You can determine all of this by scheduling an energy audit for your home, the prioritizing the appliances in order of importance. That will give you some strong numbers to work with.

2. Fuel Consumption

Generators consume fuel of a specific type at a rate listed with their information. It’s very important to know what that number is on the generator you select, and to always have enough fuel for several days ready to go whenever the system is needed.

3. Placement

The placement of a generator in your home is very important. It needs to be readily connected to your home’s power gird and have adequate ventilation to release any exhaust outside of your home. It also needs to be placed somewhere you can easily reach in a storm, a blizzard or similar crisis: somewhere that can be easily kept dry if needed.

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