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What Causes Low Air Flow in Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning systems are vitally important here in Boston, MA during the summer, and when trouble arises, you need to get it taken care of quickly. Among the signs of trouble that we advise our clients to look out for is low air flow in the ducts: air coming out at a slower speed than it should. That means that the air conditioner will take longer than it should to cool your home, increasing strain on the system and raising your monthly bills. If not addressed, it could cause a breakdown somewhere else in the system, turning an ordinary repair call into something very expensive. The minute you spot low air flow in your system, turn it off and call in a repair service. The possible causes are numerous, but usually lumped into one of two possible categories.

Power Troubles

The cool air created by your air conditioner is pushed through your ducts with a fan, an effective means of distributing it throughout the entire home. When the fan runs into trouble, however, the fir flow can slow down. Usually, the fan motor is to blame, though is can also be a faulty electrical connection denying power to the system. It can also stem from trouble with the fan belt and the fan itself.


If the power blowing the air isn’t having difficulties, then it’s likely caused by a blockage in the system. Air filters often before clogged, which can be responsible for it. Blockages in the ducts, too can create a problem, as can a dent in the duct or a breach which can pull conditioned air out of the system. We can treat problems in the ducts as readily as we treat problems in the centralized air conditioner itself.

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