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How to Prep Your Generator for a Crisis

We can’t always tell when trouble is coming, and one of the benefits of a back-up generator is that it responds on short notice when electricity is suddenly lost in your Boston, MA home. But sometimes you get a few days’ warning that trouble is on the way — an ominous weather report for example — and even when the unexpected strikes, you can do yourself a lot of favors simply by checking your generator on a regular basis and ensuring that it’s ready to go when you need it. Here’s a short list to follow if you get a heads up about a potential crisis.

  • Double check. Give your generator a once-over and note any specific problems you might see: dusty components, frayed wires or anything out of the ordinary. If you can comfortably correct those issues by following instructions in your generator’s manual, you should do so. Otherwise, you may want to call in a service to perform a quick maintenance session (depending on the amount of time you have).
  • Run the system for 15-20 minutes and make sure it doesn’t encounter any difficulties.
  • Ensure that the ventilation isn’t blocked. You don’t want exhaust fumes building up in the space where the generator is located, Make sure the unit has adequate ventilation and remove any debris that may be blocking access.
  • Have a plan to reach it. You won’t know exactly when you may need to reach your generator. Some will activate automatically, but others my need you to turn it on yourself. Make sure you can do so easily: know the path, know the steps and plan to do so in the worst circumstances (in the rain or in the dark, for instance), and make adjustments accordingly.
  • Fuel up. You should always have enough fuel for at least a few days worth, and know how much fuel your generator consumes in a given time period.

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