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4 Great Alternatives to Standard Central Air Conditioning

woman-feeling-hot-and-trying-to-refresh-in-summertime-heatAre you thinking about upgrading your air conditioner this spring? If you’ve done any research on systems on the market and realized that central air conditioning isn’t for you then you might be a little stressed. Central air conditioning systems dominate the air conditioning market, but they’re not the only way to cool your home.

If you’re looking for excellent HVAC services in Andover, MA and have a smooth sailing summer then make sure you come to the experts at our team first. We can walk you through all the systems available and, more importantly, let you know what’s best for your home. Contact our team today.

The Systems We Offer

We offer a variety of systems here at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. Here’s a rundown of all the best central AC alternatives:

#1. Ductless Air Conditioning

Have you heard of a ductless mini-split? Chances are you know a little bit about this system even if you don’t know it by name. A ductless mini split is a heat pump system that doesn’t rely on a network of ducts in your home. Instead, it uses individual air handlers installed throughout your home. These types of systems are great if you want to “zone” your home without going through the extensive process of retrofitting a zone-controlled system in your space or if you don’t have ductwork.

#2. Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a climate control system that’s constructed just like an air conditioner. What makes a heat pump different than an air conditioner is that a heat pump can also heat your home. Heat pumps can reverse the direction that refrigerant flows through the system through a tool called the reversing valve. If you want streamlined heating and cooling then it’s worth it to look into a system like this.

#3. High-Velocity Air Conditioning

One of the best aspects of Andover are the historic homes that decorate our city. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these homes, you know that the experience is unparalleled, but one major downside is the outdated HVAC systems. If you live in an older home that can’t handle central air conditioning because of a lack of space for ductwork, you should consider high-velocity air conditioning. High-velocity air conditioning utilizes small flexible ducts instead of standard ductwork to keep you cool throughout the summer. Schedule an appointment with our team today to learn more.

#4. Hydronic Systems

When you think of a hydronic system, your mind probably goes straight to heating. That’s because, commonly, hydronic systems heat water in a tank and then send this heated water through tubing in your walls and subflooring to heat people and objects within a room. Homeowners often prefer these systems to warm their homes throughout winter because this type of heat is enveloping—it mimics the feeling of the sun shining down on you on a hot summer day.

Hydronic cooling is less common but available if you need a central air conditioning alternative. It involves chilled water traveling through your home in the same manner that hot water would. If you’re curious about these systems, contact our team to learn more.

If you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioner this spring make sure you contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today to get the help of our expert technicians.

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