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5 Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Make

woman-covering-her-ears-wearing-blue-button-upsYou are not likely to hear your air conditioner work most of the time. You may hear the blowing of the fans through the vents and the compressor outside turn on and off. Yet, if you start to hear your AC system making different sounds, sounds you have not heard before, it is critical to ensure you take a closer look at what could be happening. It is best to turn to a technician for air conditioning repair in Belmont, MA, right away to find out what could be happening. Doing so could protect the life of your system and improve energy efficiency as well.

What Sounds Are You Hearing?

If you hear any new sound, something that is different than it was, reach out to a technician to find out if repairs are needed. The sooner you do this, the more likely the task will be easier to fix.

  1. Banging sounds: A banging can indicate that there is a component within the AC unit that is loose. This could be a bolt, but it can also be a larger component like the motor mount. This needs to be removed by a technician sooner rather than later.
  2. Squealing sounds: A squealing often is brought on by a belt. It could be damaged to broken. Most of the time, this is an easy repair, but if you do not take care of it, your system may not operate properly going forward.
  3. Rattling sounds: Sometimes, these sounds are a clicking sound, while other times, it is more of a rattling sound. This can happen if the motor is failing or if there are hardware components that are loose. In some situations, this can be a sign of an electrical problem as well. It is always worth having a technician inspect this sound for you to determine what it is.
  4. Screaming or whistling sound: Sounds like this can be worrisome because they often come out of nowhere. If you hear a high-pitched whistle coming from the AC unit, turn off the system. Do not turn it on again until you contact a technician for an inspection. There could be high internal pressure present or a refrigerant leak.
  5. Humming sounds: Not all humming sounds are bad, but if they are loud or they seem to come out of nowhere, that could be an indication that you need repairs. Sometimes these sounds may be occurring because the capacitator or motor is no longer working properly. Other times, it may be due to refrigerant piping.

In each of these situations, it is important not to wait to get help. Doing so may be one of the most important steps you take to protect the lifespan of the system. Without repairs, these problems can worsen and lead to a failure of the entire system. Instead of guessing about what is happening, call a technician to get repairs taken care of right away.

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