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Think You Might Have a Leak?

Leaks in your home’s plumbing system are not only annoying and frustrating, but they can also result in costly repairs if not tended to in a timely manner. However, unlike other problems like a clogged toilet or broken water heater, leaks are notoriously difficult to detect– unless you know what to look for.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 signs you might have a leak somewhere in your home. If you notice one or more of these, then don’t hesitate to call us and request a professional plumber in Wakefield, MA to come and inspect your home’s water system.

You’re Paying More on the Water Bill

If you’re noticing you’re spending more on the water bill than usual– especially if your water consumption has remained the same–then that’s a tall-tell sign that there’s a leak somewhere in your home. An easy way to see this is to compare your bills from previous months. Another way is to keep an eye on your meter. You can shut off all the water to the house and then go check it. If it’s still ticking even though there’s no water running, then that’s a surefire sign there’s a leak and you need a plumber to come and repair it.

Low or Weak Water Pressure

There are a couple of reasons for low water pressure. For one, there could be a clog somewhere in the waterline. Another possibility is there is limescale buildup in the pipes. But, as you guessed, water leaks can also cause the pressure to drop significantly. You can contact your water company to see if there are any known problems in the area. If not, then it’s a good idea to check out your property itself.

You Noticed Mold and Mildew

A musty smell that you can’t seem to find? Black or brown spots forming on the floors, walls, or ceiling? It’s likely you have a case of mold and mildew growing in your home and it’s usually due to a leak. While this is unsightly and ugly, it can also cause damage to your home and be detrimental to your health. Mold and mildew can irritate allergies and cause respiratory problems in people. What’s more, there’s black mold which can be potentially dangerous.

Wet Spots on Walls or Ceiling

Wet spots and stains are a sign that the leak has been going on for some time. These usually indicate that the leak is in the pipes that travel throughout the house. Left unchecked, it can cause serious damage to the structure and foundation of your home. If you spot a wet spot, shut off the water to your home and contact a plumber ASAP.

Strange Noises Coming from Your Plumbing System

Sometimes you can hear water flowing even when it’s not in use. Rattling and clicking is another sign something is up. In this case, it indicates there could be a loose-fitting mount or seal that allows water to escape, which could lead to water damage and other issues.

Notice any of these signs or have a general suspicion you may have a leak? Have any other plumbing concerns you want to check out for you? Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. for your plumbing needs this summer.

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