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Beware of Low Air Flow in Your Air Conditioner

Summer has arrived in every way except the date on the calendar, and that means that residents of Andover, MA need to make sure their air conditioners are running as smoothly as possible. Even little disruptions can have a big impact, and that little quirk that develops could be a sign of a serious problem with your air conditioner. Take the equation of reduced air flow for instance. The air coming out of your air conditioning system is still plenty cool, but it just doesn’t flow the way it’s supposed to. It doesn’t sound like much… but in point of fact, it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Here’s why.


Low air flow has a number of possible causes, but they all boil down to one of two basic things: something blocking the flow of air or a lack of power from the fan doing the pushing. The first case can be brought about by a clogged filter, a dent in the ducts, a breach pulling air out of a clog somewhere else in the system. The second case usually involves trouble with the fan motor, fan belt or even bent or broken blades on the fan itself.


The problems caused by the issue start with the simple fact that low air flow forces your system to work harder to cool the air. As a result, your monthly cooling bills go up, as does increased strain and great chances of a breakdown. Moreover, the lack of air flow often means that cool air is backing up into your system, which can result in frost on your coils and similar serious issues with the internal components. The long it’s allowed to continue, the greater the chances of a serious breakdown taking place.

Cooling Unlimited can handle low air flow issues in your air conditioner!

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