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Benefts of a New Air Conditioner

Summer is on its way in Concord, MA, and the hot months can be truly punishing in your air conditioner. If yours is older and isn’t running quite the way you’d like, you might want to schedule the installation of a new system now, before the heat becomes truly brutal. We always recommend installing a new system before the summer hits, and if you’re on the fence about whether to pull the trigger, you ought to consider some of the benefits that a new air conditioner can provide:

Higher Efficiency

Old air conditioners are less efficient than new ones, thanks to worn parts, the occasional repair and other signs of old age. Getting a new system means getting a more efficient system, which could save you a great deal of money on your monthly rates. More specifically, look for systems with the same power levels as your existing system, but a higher SEER rating (which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio: a good way to compare two systems quickly and easily.

A Warranty

Older air conditioners are almost certainly past the point where their warranties expire, but a new one usually comes with an iron-clad warranty. By installing a new system, you can take advantage of that protection all summer long, instead of having to worry through any unexpected repairs or the like.

Technological Upgrades

If you’ve had an older unit for a while, then you’ve likely made good use of the money you spent to purchase it. But technology moves forward and in the interim, you many have missed some terrific advancements in the field. For example, many air conditioners now come with thermostats that can be programmed from anywhere using a remote app on your phone. Be sure to discuss such upgrades with your technician.

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