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Filters: Your Air Conditioner’s Best Friend

air-conditioning-filtersAir conditioning season is headed our way, with temperatures climbing higher every day. Soon enough, we’ll have constant need of our air conditioning systems, and with that comes a few specific maintenance tips. The air contains dust, dirt and other contaminants which can built up in your home and in the air conditioning system itself. Filters are the best way to fight that, and all air conditioners come with a simple screen filter to assist in that endeavor. You can usually upgrade this filter with a more effective one, as well as installing an electronic filter in your system to do the job comprehensively. We’ve provided a quick guide to both options below.

Standard Filters

Standard air conditioning filters can be purchased at any hardware store of home improvement center for minimal cost. Most filters are designed to be replaced, though some can be washed and put back in place. Some air filters are thicker and more effective than others, and if you’re concerned about dust in your home, you should look for the most effective filters you can.

How can you tell which filter is the most effective? Check the MERV rating, which should be included on the packaging. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the rating, the more effective it is. Naturally, you’ll pay more for a filter with a higher MERV rating, but it will allow fewer particles to pass into your air.

Regardless of the MERV rating, the filter will need to be cleaned or replaced periodically: usually every 2-3 months or so, but more often if you’re especially worried about the dust in your air or you have family members sensitive to high amounts of dust. In addition, a technician can change the air filters as part of a regular maintenance session for your air conditioner. Without being changed periodically, the dust will simply build up on the system and eventually cause serious problems such as restricted air flow.

Electronic Filters

If the thought of replacing filters every few months doesn’t hold a lot of appeal, you can always have an electronic air filter installed. These systems process the air as it enters your ducts and pass it through an ionization chamber. The chamber ionizes all of the dust particles and causes them to stick to the sides of the chamber or a specialized collection pan.

Electronic filters are more effective than even the most powerful screen filter, since no particle of dust escapes. They need to be cleaned periodically, but there’s no costs involved, and maintenance and upkeep is usually fairly simple as well. Electronic air filters are highly recommended for homes that have vulnerably family members, such as infants, the elderly and those suffering from conditions such as asthma. Regardless of what kind of filter fits your needs and your budget, a good technician can give you sound advice on the types and methods you can use.

If an electronic air filter sounds like a good fit for your Winchester, MA home, call Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today!

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