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Automatic Shut-Off Valves Keep Your Home Safe

automatic-shut-off-valve-boston-maNo one likes to think about what might happen in the event of a plumbing leak in your home. Some leaks are easy to spot, such as when you find water spreading over the floor in your bathroom. Others can go for months without being detected: hidden behind the walls or similar hard-to-spot places and causing considerable damage before they are dealt with. And even the most obvious cases assume that you are home to notice them. What happens if a leak occurs when you’re away on vacation: say, if a frozen pipe bursts one Christmas while you and your family are several states away?

That’s a possibility every homeowner in the area has to deal with. The good news is that we have a solution for you: an automatic shut-off valve installed in your plumbing by a trained professional. That can remove the worry of unexpected leaks from your mind, as well as saving you a great deal of money when your plumbing system springs a leak.

How It Works

An automatic shut-off valve works by detecting subtle changes in the pressure of your pipes. If the pressure drops off suddenly, for instance, it usually means a leak has sprung up somewhere in your home. The shut-off valve instantly acts to cut off the water supply to your home, closing until the issue is fixed and it can be reset. Not only does this prevent a great deal of potential damage by prevent water from exiting the leak, but it instantly alerts you to the problem as well. The inconvenience of suddenly losing running water is mild compared to the money you will save in water damage now avoided, and a good plumbing service can move swiftly and ensure that the leak is repaired before too much time passes.

For quality shut-off valve installation in Andover, MA, call upon the pros at Cooling Unlimited, Inc.

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