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Have You Thought about a Zone Control System?

Summers can get pretty brutal here in Concord, MA, with heat and humidity seeming ready to crush you flat. A good centralized air conditioning system can help out, but it doesn’t provide much precise control and can struggle to cover your home comprehensive, especially if you live in a larger or older home. If that’s the case, you may want to look into a zone control system, which provides a number of benefits to your existing air conditioning system. What kind of benefits? To answer that, we need to look at how a zone control system works.

What It Does

A zone control system is basically just a series of valves and shutters installed in your existing air conditioning ducts. Each one is placed at a specific point, dividing your home into individual sections (usually by room). The valves each have their own thermostat and control panel, allowing you to open and close it separately from the rest of the system. Some units also have a centralized control panel letting you run every valve in the system from a single location. That lets you set the temperature in each section individually, and even turn the air off in one part of the home while leaving it running in another.

How That Benefits You

The obvious benefit of a zone control system is that it lets you turn off the air in parts of the house that are unoccupied, saving you a huge amount on monthly cooling bills (especially if you have an older home). On a more luxurious note, you can set the air to run at one temperature in one room and a completely different temperature in another, sparing you any family squabbles over the thermostat and letting everyone go about their tasks in specified comfort.

If zone control systems sound right for you, call Cooling Unlimited today!

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