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How AC Maintenance Helps You Avoid AC Repair


Annual maintenance for your air conditioner makes a huge difference in a lot of ways. It improves how well the system works, keeping you more comfortable. It restores the system’s efficiency, which drops over the course of a year’s hard work. It can keep your air conditioner under warranty for longer, and even keep it running for more summers than it would otherwise survive.

One of the most impressive things maintenance can accomplish is reducing the need for AC repair. It can cut the likelihood—by 85%!—that you’ll need to have your air conditioner repaired over the course of the summer. How exactly does AC maintenance help you avoid the problems that would require AC repair? We’ll tell you all about it.


The first step in the AC maintenance process is cleaning away all the mess of the past year. This means all the dust, grit, and grime throughout the system. Leaving that mess in your air conditioner would lead to two major problems. The first is overheating, as the dust blankets components like insulation. The second is friction from particles getting between moving parts, which causes a lot of wear and tear.

Another area that is cleaned is the condensate pan and drainage system. Old water left in this can grow mold and bacteria. These substances can clog the drain, leading to the system shutting down to prevent overflow. Or worse, the system might fail to shut down and the overflow could cause water damage to the wall around your air conditioner.


We mentioned that friction causes wear and tear. In addition to dust and grit, a major cause of friction is the lack of lubrication between moving parts. These components need to glide smoothly, and the lubricant needs to be replenished every year. Otherwise, it requires more force to keep those parts moving, putting more strain on the entire system, especially the costly and critical compressor.


All components in the system need to be checked over. If something is not right, perhaps slightly out of alignment or starting to wear out, your technician will catch it at this point. A quick adjustment while it’s still such a small problem can get your AC unit back in ideal condition. This means the issue won’t continue to worsen until it requires a major repair. 


Above all, your air conditioner is an electrical appliance. Things like electrical wire connection points must be secure. The amp draw of the blower fan motor must be measured to make sure it’s getting the right amount of electrical flow. And the thermostat must be tested and, if necessary, recalibrated. Failure to do these things could lead to serious electrical problems that require HVAC repair in Cambridge, MA.

Your air conditioner was an investment. It should last you many years and keep your whole home pleasant and cool. Don’t waste that investment by allowing your air conditioner to deteriorate. Keep it in tip-top shape!

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