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What to Expect During AC Installation


How wise of you to get your air conditioner installation scheduled for this spring. Once the heat does hit, you’ll be all set, enjoying the plentiful, efficient coolness of your new system all summer long. But do you know what to expect during your installation appointment?

If it’s been quite a while since you’ve gone through this process, or if you’ve never had an air conditioner installed, you might be curious or worried about this upcoming appointment. We’ll tell you everything you need to know: how long AC installation takes, what the process entails, and how to make sure it goes perfectly smoothly. If you have any questions about what to expect during air conditioning installation in Boston, MA, we’re always happy to supply answers.

How Long AC Installation Takes

There are some cases of AC installation that will have to take place over more than a single day. This can occur when significant modifications need to be made before the air conditioner can be installed. For example, if you’ve never had a central air conditioner before, you might need to have ductwork installed, or if your ductwork is in particularly bad shape, it might need repairs.

But those cases are the exceptions and not the rule, and if your installation will be complex like that, our team will have made that clear ahead of time. In more typical situations, a new air conditioner can be installed somewhere between 4-8 hours.

What AC Installation Entails

The first step of AC installation is all about the plan. Your installers will survey the area, make sure they know exactly what to expect, and go over the plan with you. The second step is preparation. Anything that might get in the way will be moved, and anything that might get dirty will be covered with a drop cloth. 

The third step is disconnecting and removing the old air conditioner. The fourth step is putting the new system in position and connecting it. Finally, the fifth step is making sure all is well: any mess will be tidied up, the AC unit will be turned on and allowed to run for a bit, and you will be provided with the owner’s manual and any information you need. This is a perfect time to ask any questions, as well.

How to Make AC Installation Go Smoothly

Some of the steps that your installers have to take can be eliminated or made much quicker if you do a little assessment beforehand. Is anything blocking or cluttering the driveway or area around your door? Are shrubs or debris encroaching on the outdoor unit? Is there furniture that will limit elbow room to work around the indoor unit? Make as much space in all these areas as you can.

The last thing to do, right before your installers arrive, is to make sure your pets are safe. Shut them in a part of the house the installers won’t need to access. This will keep them from getting in the way of the process. It will also keep their paws safe from being stepped on, and prevent them from darting out an open door. 

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. to speak with qualified AC installation experts.

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