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How to Stop AC Breakdowns Before They Start

Summers in Andover, MA are no time to deal with an air conditioning breakdown. Unfortunately, the strain of cooling your home day after day can take its toll and most breakdowns occur just when we need our systems to be there for us. Luckily, we can provide swift AC repair services to get your system up and running again. But better than reacting to a give problem is anticipating it and taking steps to prevent it. We have three basic steps we use to advise our customers on the best way to stop AC breakdowns before they start. We’ve presented them below for your edification.

1. Watch for Signs of Trouble

It takes a trained technician to formally diagnose a problem with your air conditioner, but you don’t need to be an expert to spot the signs that something is wrong. Four in particular are quite common and apply to a number of issues.

  1. Low air flow.
  2. A lack of cool air.
  3. Strange noises.
  4. Surprisingly high bills.

2. Schedule a Maintenance Session

Maintenance sessions aren’t repairs. Rather, they’re an effort to handle all the little details that can lead to repairs like dirty components or loose fittings. More importantly, they give the technician a chance to check for growing problems, and if any exist, to schedule a repair session for them before they cause a full-bore breakdown. If you haven’t schedule a session in 2016 yet, now is a great time to do so.

3. Improve AC Efficiency

By improving your system’s efficiency, you lower stress on it and help it avoid any major problems. It can be as simple as setting the thermostat a few degrees higher than you normally would, sealing creaks around doors and windows with weather stripping, or programming your AC to turn on 20 minutes before you get home each day instead of letting it run all day in an empty house.

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