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How to Spot a Breach in Your Ducts

Summers in Boston, MA is no picnic, and this year is no different. If your air conditioner isn’t ready to do its job every day without fail, you have a problem that needs solving fast. And repair calls don’t always need to involve the air conditioning system itself. Sometimes a breach can appear in the ducts, either because two sections of duct have broken apart or some external force (such as raccoons or repairs on other parts of the house) causes them damage. A good repair service can take care of the problem for you, but first you need to be able to spot the signs of a breach. They can include:

  • Cold Spots. If the breach is pointed at a wall, then all the conditioned air will go blowing at the wall, resulting in a cold spot.
  • Strange Noises. A strange noise is anything coming from an unexpected source that goes away when you turn your air conditioning off. It often sounds like a hum or a groan, though odd noises are usually signs of trouble in general.
  • Reduced Air Flow. When air flow out of your vent is reduced, it usually means the air is being diverted via the breach.
  • Warmer Air. If the breach is pulling unconditioned air into the ducts, then the air coming out of the vent (or vents in some cases) will be warmer than it should be.
  • Higher Bills. The big problem with breached ducts is that they rob your air conditioner of efficiency, causing it to work harder and raising your monthly bills in the bargain. An unexpected spike of that sort is usually a good reason to call in a repair service.

The moment you detect a breach, turn the whole system off and call the friendly pros at Cooling Unlimited to get it fixed!

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